10 Actors Who Were Furious About Being Replaced in Sequels and Reboots

Published on Nov 8, 2019
Screen Rant
10 Actors Who Were Furious About Being Replaced in Sequels and Reboots

These Actors Were Not Happy About Being Replaced
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Welcome back ScreenRanters! We have a fun video for you today. And that’s us saying it, so you know it’s true! Today, we’re going to take a gander at some angry actors. Film franchises will usually dip into recasting when a reboot is on the table. Rarely, but sometimes, they may even recast for a sequel. Every so often, it sparks fury in the thespian that’s been kicked to the curb. Sometimes, they aim their ire at the production companies. Sometimes, it’s aimed at the actors taking over from them. And that’s the topic of today’s video! We’re going to look at circumstances when the out-going performer has been furious at being replaced. Either via very strong rumour, or from social media and whatnot!
What can you expect from today’s film filled content? Good question. Let’s break it down. Firstly, we’re going to chat about why this happens. Then, we’re going to drop in some examples and all the sweet, juicy gossip behind it. You can expect to see at least one DC and two Marvel actors on the list! Is it from Spider-Man? Iron Man? Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Find out in the vid! Let’s just say a recent Warner Brothers related outburst swept through the internet. Alec Baldwin pops up too. But was he the replacing thespian or the angered, replaced actor? On top of that, we have alumni from Back To The Future and Ghostbusters too! Watch to find out all the answers in this vexing video!

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