10+ Best Tricks Most Men Keep Forgetting

Published on Mar 15, 2019
10+ Best Tricks Most Men Keep Forgetting

Who needs expensive accessories when there are so many quick and easy ways to take your look from drab to fab within seconds? If you want to look stylish no matter what occasion, all you have to do is follow some simple rules. Here's a short style guide for men’s fashion to help guys look irresistible.

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Make your legs look longer (women like longer-legged men!) 0:23

It’s all about the details 0:54

Keep it simple... and even simpler 1:35

How to get a worn-in leather jacket 2:23

Dress up any look in one simple move 3:23

How not to look sloppy 3:53

Be a man! Grab a needle and thread! 4:25

Learn to choose proper collars 4:56

Make sure your suit suits you! 5:48

Wear in new shoes 6:44

Keep your graphic T-shirts fresh 7:16

Cuff your pants just above your shoes 7:35

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- If you want to appear taller, try wearing a dark pair of high-tops or boots with some dark-washed denim. Without the stark color contrast, your legs will look a little longer.
- Pick an accessory that you don’t see every guy around you wearing. This could be a great watch, an understated necklace, or even some novelty socks.
- One thing to remember when shopping is to buy some great dark staple pieces like a dark blue or black pair of jeans, a simple black t-shirt, or a nice-fitting black sweater. There’s something really sleek about wearing dark colors, and it’s hard to look cheap in them.
- To wear your jacket in fast, spray it with a little water – or, better yet, wear it outside during a light drizzle.
- Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt, polo, or dress shirt, tucking it into your pants or jeans instantly dresses up any outfit.
- If you have a shirt that feels a little to snug for your liking whenever you button it all the way up, just take the top button off and sew it back on more toward the edge of the fabric.
- If you’re on the shorter side, pick a suit jacket with one button so that you can see more of the top of your shirt underneath. This trick elongates your torso.
- Before tossing one of these shirts into the wash, turn it inside out. You can do the same with your jeans to keep their color vibrant for longer.
- If you’re wearing tennis shoes with a pair of wider jeans that are a little too long on you, it only seems natural to put your pant legs over the top of the shoe. Ooh, but that’s a bad idea if you wanna look stylish!

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