10 General Knowledge Questions

Published on Aug 14, 2019
10 General Knowledge Questions

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Question 1 : What very aggressive species of shark is the world's largest predatory fish?
Answer a: Bull Shark
Answer b: Great White Shark
Answer c: Hammerhead Shark
Answer d: Tiger Shark

Question 2 : What ocean did the Pilgrims sail across to reach North America?
Answer a: Arctic Ocean
Answer b: Atlantic Ocean
Answer c: Indian Ocean
Answer d: Pacific Ocean

Question 3 : In what direction does the sun set for people on Earth?
Answer a: East
Answer b: North
Answer c: South
Answer d: West

Question 4 : How many chambers make up the human heart?
Answer a: 1
Answer b: 2
Answer c: 3
Answer d: 4

Question 5 : How many days are in a fortnight?
Answer a: 12
Answer b: 14
Answer c: 24
Answer d: 7

Question 6 : Which person is known for leading the Iranian Revolution?
Answer a: Ayatollah Khomeini
Answer b: David Ben-Gurion
Answer c: Osama Bin Laden
Answer d: Reza Pahlavi

Question 7 : What sauce is made by adding white wine, vinegar and tarragon to hollandaise sauce?
Answer a: Bechamel
Answer b: Bernaise
Answer c: Mayonnaise
Answer d: Mornay

Question 8 : The average heart beats how many times per minute?
Answer a: 24
Answer b: 50
Answer c: 72
Answer d: 90

Question 9 : What country was once the center of the Ottoman Empire?
Answer a: Canada
Answer b: China
Answer c: Chile
Answer d: Turkey

Question 10 : Which former reality star sued for custody of his 8 kids in 2014?
Answer a: Dave Anthony
Answer b: Flava Flav
Answer c: Jon Gosselin
Answer d: Ralphie May