10 Time Travelers That May Have Been Caught on Tape

Published on May 19, 2016

10 Time Travelers That May Have Been Caught on Tape

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► Footage Used:
1) Help: Who is This Man (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaseLuy...)
2) Mike Tyson Fight (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaOww5z...)
3) The Football Stadium Incident (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaiY3BO...)
4) Charlie Chaplin (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaGj3qe...)
5) Mysterious Person Saves Someone (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaXSwj-...)
6) Russian Time Travler on Bike (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaQRVcR...)
7) Phantom Car (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaVCuzc...)
8) Man Meets Himself in the Future (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaJY-5q...)
9) Time Traveler in 1938 Film (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaVwy6g...)
10) Guy walks Through Door (http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zamCPlA...)

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