12 Early Signs of Liver Damage

Published on Jun 5, 2017
Intan Farisha

12 Early Signs of Liver Damage

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The liver is the largest solid organ in your body. It is located in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen and partly protected by the ribs. You need your liver for many important bodily functions and cannot live without your liver. For this reason, you should know the early signs of liver damage and take care of your liver as much as you possibly can.
There are more than a hundred different kinds of diseases of the liver. Each has its own set of symptoms. Some of these diseases include alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and cirrhosis of the liver. The early signs of liver disease tend to be easily overlooked and are non-specific, related to any number of different conditions. Here are some common early signs.
1. Upset Stomach
2. Fatigue and Overall Weakness
3. Lack of Appetite
4. Digestion Problems
5. Alterations in the Color of Urine
6. Changes in Stool Coloration
7. Jaundice
8. Abdominal Changes
9. Fluid Retention
10. Increase in Skin Itching
11. Abdominal Pain
12. Intestinal Bleeding, Diarrhea or Constipation

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