24 Hours with 6 Kids on Halloween

Published on Nov 3, 2018
Family Fun Pack
24 Hours with 6 Kids on Halloween

24 Hours with 6 Kids on Halloween is here! We had our best Halloween yet! Even cute little Owen got to enjoy the day this year! We started our day with Halloween themed pancake art for breakfast. Who knew Alyssa was a master when it comes to pancake art! I'm thinking we need to let her do this again, don't you? We had a little scare with our current escape artist. We made all kinds of Halloween themed snacks and treats (like marshmallow smiling apple teeth) and we did a fun new October art project. Finally, we had dinner and got to the kids' favorite part of the day: trick-or-treat time! We ended our night with Halloween BINGO and a trick from Daddy! Thanks for celebrating with us! Tell us in the comments what you dressed up as this year! Get a personalized video from us to you! Check out our Cameo profile to find out how: http://www.bookcameo.com/familyfunpack
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While this vlog might feature young people, it is made by myself (an adult) for people my own age with similar life situations who can relate to me (also adults). I feature things in my life that I care most about (my family).

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