25 Things You Missed In X-Men Dark Phoenix

Published on Jun 16, 2019
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25 Things You Missed In X-Men Dark Phoenix

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Everyone knows the X-Men franchise is responsible for taking our favorite group of Marvel mutants and introducing them to the big screen. But if you’re not caught up on the comic books you might have found yourself wondering who certain characters are supposed to be when you saw the movie Dark Phoenix starring Sophie Turner. Did you manage to spot fan favorites like Dazzler and Match? And did you catch the way back callback to Lucas Bishop? If not, don’t worry, we’ll let you know what you missed and make sure you’re caught up on the latest Easter eggs, cameos, and references.

During the movie we learn Jean Grey has made some enemies in the form of a race of shapeshifting aliens, particularly one who goes by the name Vuk. We’ll give you some added info and let you know what this movie has in common with the Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel and it’s not just that it takes place in the 1990s. We know there are tons of X-Men movies out there but if you haven’t seen them all don’t worry. You’ll get a quick refresher on the histories of characters like Professor Xavier and Mystique.

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