2HYPE vs. JaVale McGee | How Jesser, Kris London & Crew Became YouTube STARS

Published on Aug 12, 2019
2HYPE vs. JaVale McGee | How Jesser, Kris London & Crew Became YouTube STARS

Learn how the 2HYPE Crew, featuring Jesser The Lazer, Kristopher London & Cash Nasty, revolutionized basketball on YouTube in the first episode of our new series, "Beyond The Arc!" Watch as 2HYPE takes on Lakers center JaVale McGee and explain how they built the biggest basketball YouTube crew in the world.

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CashNasty: http://bit.ly/2YJZFZy

'Beyond The Arc' is a new series that will explore basketball through the new tastemakers shaping both the game and the culture around it. There's a new wave of basketball ambassadors and we want to hear their stories. This series will see inside their worlds and most importantly understand what’s new and different about the game.

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