#5 𝐓imes 𝐈NDIANS 𝐍ever 𝐆ave 𝐔p 𝐢n 𝐂ricket 𝐅ield | 𝐂hakde 𝐈ndia ❤️ | 𝐘uvraj 𝐃honi 𝐒achin 𝐅t

Published on Apr 17, 2018

#5 𝐓imes 𝐈NDIANS 𝐍ever 𝐆ave 𝐔p 𝐢n 𝐂ricket 𝐅ield | 𝐂hakde 𝐈ndia ❤️ | 𝐘uvraj 𝐃honi 𝐒achin 𝐅t

#5 𝐓imes 𝐈NDIANS 𝐍ever 𝐆ave 𝐔p 𝐢n 𝐂ricket 𝐅ield | 𝐂hakde 𝐈ndia ❤️ | 𝐘uvraj 𝐃honi 𝐒achin 𝐅t
#five times INDIANS performed with horrible injuries to shop the Cricket Match. The mantra of the Indian cricket fan: in no way surrender! 🤙 🤙 Chakde India | Inspiring Heroes | Emotional Moments | Cricketers Put Country Before their Pain. I guess Everyone will experience proud after looking this video. This video is set the Indian Cricket players who never gave up in Cricket Field. #BleedBlue | Motivational video


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► Match Saving Moments in this video

#five Rahul Dravid hits on the chest vs England 2003 World Cup
► #4 MS Dhoni plays with Ice bag vs england 2006
► #3 Sachin Tendulkar plays with lower back pain vs Srilanka 2000
► #2 Anil Kumble Bowls with Broken Jaw
► #1 Yuvraj Singh Plays with cancer vs West Indies 2011 WC


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