6 THINGS we've learned in 6 YEARS TOGETHER | Beau & Matt | Probably This

Published on Apr 2, 2019
Probably This

6 THINGS we've learned in 6 YEARS TOGETHER | Beau & Matt | Probably This

We've been together 6 years so we're talking about 6 things we've learned about relationships along the way. Promise it's not as cheesy as it sounds. (We hope.)

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We're Matt and Beau. We're a New Orleans based couple that has been together for the last 6 years. We’ve been writing about food, interiors, travel and menswear on our blog for over four years now. We love beautiful homes, delicious food, and any form of gay reality TV drama—equally. Matt's the bald one, Beau's the sassy one, and Fox is the one that's six pounds and covered in hair. 6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong - The New York Time, Proverbs 6:16 There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that , 6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly: Classic | Cracked.com, Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His , Poldark, Season 1: 6 Things To Look Forward To - pbs.org, 6 Things You May Not Know About the Gregorian Calendar - , Go away - David Thorn, Six Things, 6 Things to Look for in a Wedding Venu, 6 Things You Need to Know About Your Tax Responsibilities as ... - sba.gov,