7 Hours of Fe4RLess (Fortnite Edition)

Published on Jan 1, 2020
7 Hours of Fe4RLess (Fortnite Edition)

use code: "fe4r" in the item shop.

1 hour version of fearless videos: http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zacztoOOd9AaU

It was originally going to be a 10 hour video but even after combining every single fortnite video fearless has made, it did not add up to 10 hours, sorry :'(

This literally took 3 days and about 5 tries to upload, I LITERALLY could not use my computer, I am pretty sure my computer is mentally exhausted now.

This is the longest compilation of fe4rless and any other fortnite YouTube so I can say I accomplished something already in 2020 lol.

instagram : Itz.bambie