A Real KANAA Girl - An Emotional Moment on Stage!! Goosebumps Guaranteed!!

Published on Jan 1, 2019
A Real KANAA Girl - An Emotional Moment on Stage!! Goosebumps Guaranteed!!

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The 6th Iconic Edition of Behindwoods Gold Medals conducted on December 16th 2018 at Chennai Trade Centre.

Presenter: Arunrajakamraj, Aishwarya Rajessh
Icon of Inspiration Award winner - Ruba Devi.

Ruba Devi is the First Indian Lady to be A Fifa Referee. Her life story was taken to film called Kanaa which was directed by Arunrajakamraja starring Aishwarya Rajessh, Satyaraj and Produced by Shivakarthikeyan.

"I don't have a house or a job, even if i show this medal in home my sister would keep in this berrow. But still this medal is a inspiration to me to step to the level in my life. I feel motivated rather I feel I don't have anything in this stage. I started my Football while I Studying on 6th. From 6th grade to my Father's Demise I didn't get a shoe from him. My friends, my association and sponsors, I have played with. My father wont talk much to me, he remain silents. My neighbourhood people questions my father for sending to sports but he wont reply. He is Night Watchman he wakes up with a tea and concerned about the practice by then I understand the value of my father's Silence. When I won the First Nationals, my name was there on newspapers stating that i have won. My father showed the new paper to entire village. When I returned home people were saying that my father showing the news paper. Even after coming to Fifa by then my father was late, everyone were happy but i couldn't see my father happy. I dedicate this award to my Father".

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