Actors We Lost In 2018 So Far

Published on May 18, 2018

Actors We Lost In 2018 So Far

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It's amazing how much of an impact someone we've never actually met can have on our lives. But that's the magic of movies and television: sometimes the actors we grow up watching can feel just like family, and it feels like they'll be there forever. Sadly, however, we've had to say goodbye to many talented performers in 2018. But thanks to the memorable characters they brought to life, these actors will never really leave us. Here are the unforgettable actors we've already lost in 2018...

Jerry Van Dyke | 0:27
Reg E. Cathey | 1:20
John Mahoney | 1:57
David Ogden Stiers | 2:41
DuShon Monique Brown | 3:17
Donnelly Rhodes | 3:41
Connie Sawyer | 4:10
Robert Dowdell | 4:45
Jon Paul Steuer | 5:07
Emma Chambers | 5:29
John Gavin | 5:53
Debbie Lee Carrington | 6:14
Dorothy Malone | 7:05
Joseph Wayne Miller | 7:43
Vic Damone | 8:12
Harry Anderson | 8:55
R. Lee Ermey | 9:35
Margot Kidder | 10:33

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