Afraid To Tailor Your Own Clothes? Don't Be!

Published on Apr 22, 2019

Afraid To Tailor Your Own Clothes? Don't Be!

One of the hard parts of tailoring is getting enough practice at it and feeling confident. You start by practicing on your old clothes but that only takes you so far, what do you do after you run out of those? I mean let's be honest, you're gonna mess up, a lot! Do you just dive into the clothes that you want to wear all the time? No! Practice on a bed sheet first. You can get a king sized bed sheet at the store and practice everything you need to learn in minutes. You can practice a straight stitch, and a zigzag stitch, and even a chain stitch. Once you get those down you can tackle measuring and pinning properly, and even learn how to create a seam allowance.

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