AGMA.IO TROLL vs HACKER vs PRO | Funny edition

Premiered Jan 16, 2020
AGMA.IO TROLL vs HACKER vs PRO | Funny edition

Where did the troll come from?
The troll came from agma. The word troll has its origins and roots from the thousands of wars amongst players in throughout history. One day, a brilliant fighter named Achilles decided to take life a little less seriously. He fooled everybody in the battleground, tricking them into believing the most obvious pranks were real. Little did they know, what he was about to do, caused them to feel like fools and him and every other spectator in the battleground to laugh their cells wacky. Can you imagine for one moment what the person being trolled felt at the exact moment he realized he was being tricked?
Can you imagine how the troller felt when someone took his bait?

This video's purpose is to let you have a sense and grasp of how amusing it can be to troll. But not only that, this video will show you 2 more aspects of the common battleground. Namely, the hacker's way of playing the game, and the pro's way of playing.

What way do you enjoy the most, when it comes to videos? Do you enjoy troll videos, hacker videos, or pro videos? Or maybe a combination of them just like this video?
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