All 5 Connor's coin tricks EXPLAINED ● Anti-Gravity Muscle Pass TUTORIAL

Published on Jun 16, 2018
December Boys

All 5 Connor's coin tricks EXPLAINED ● Anti-Gravity Muscle Pass TUTORIAL

Can coin tricks from Detroit: Become Human video game be performed in real life? How to throw, flip and roll a coin like Connor? UPD. Learn how to CATCH a coin here:

Watch our recreation of the whole lift cutscene (feat. all 'impossible' tricks):

If you're as hyped about this Quantic Dream PS4 game presented at the E3 conference as we do, then you're in for a treat. In this video we explain all 5 tricks performed by Connor in that #DetroitBecomeHuman lift scene. Not only that, we teach you how to throw a coin sideways from one hand to another and how to do the Anti-Gravity Coin trick aka the Muscle Pass.

Here's a list of all key sleights and explanations with timestamps:
0:34 OVERVIEW of all 5 tricks by Connor (Bryan Dechart's character in the game)
0:42 regular coin toss brief tutorial
0:55 coin roll variation (impossible). Learn how to roll a coin across your knuckles:
1:21 coin spin on the fingertips. Check out the original video from UK magician Dynamo:
1:54 throwing/tossing a coin from one hand to another
2:00 catching a coin in between fingers
3:39 SELECTING THE PROPS. US Half Dollar, $1 coins and a poker chip will work for this move
5:02 THE TECHNIQUE. Learn how to hold a coin/chip in your palm and perform the muscle pass trick
7:13 FROM ONE HAND TO ANOTHER. Performing the muscle pass sideways - tips and tricks
8:14 ANTI-GRAVITY MUSCLE PASS. Learn this knacky and impossibly looking sleight, when a coin jumps from bottom to top without any bare hand movement

Are these the 5 world's best coin tricks in your opinion? Does Hank has the talent to match Connor's coin flip tricks? Who has the most visual coin trick up their sleeve? Did you try performing one yourself? Were you pissed with any of the coin tricks? Coin or bitcoin? Do you support Cyberlife or #ConnorArmy? Or were you simply looking for Detroit: Become Human ending (or all endings) or gameplay walkthrough by jacksepticeye or pewdiepie and stumbled upon our video? Let us know below.

DISCLAIMER. We do not reveal magic tricks on our channel, although we acknowledge the impact and all the benefits (views and popularity which usually result in good sales of branded goods) that come with it. Unlike many other channels that blew up in the recent years, we believe that teaching something that is being kept secret within the community and exposing someone else's work without permission is going against our integrity and magicians' ethics.

With that being said, the Muscle Pass is a classic move that was invented in 1800s and published for the first time by Arthur Buckley in his book "Principles and Deceptions". It is not a magic trick, however, it can be used in different routines. There is no secret or hidden sleights involved in executing the Muscle Pass, so in our eyes it is a coin flourish and this is exactly the way we convey and teach it for the purposes covered in this video.

Additional credits go to the GODS of the Muscle Pass: Apollo Robbins and Shoot Ogawa.

Presented by Alex Melnik:
Camera work by Vitaly Chaban:

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