🎵 American Jackpot Tension Bed 2 | Jon Brooks Music (Game Show Music)

Published on Feb 9, 2019
Jon Brooks - Music Composer

🎵 American Jackpot Tension Bed 2 | Jon Brooks Music (Game Show Music)

Game show tension bed background instrumental music counting down the time. Music can be synchronized perfectly to seconds of a clock due to the tempo of 60 beats per second (or 120bpm). Ominous, curious and inquisitive background music with anticipation and a mysterious mood. Intended use includes game shows, radio and TV quiz sequences. Looping tension bed music to match ticking clocks. The music allows tense suspense to build whilst giving the contestant some thinking time. Instrumentation features pulsing synthesizer, orchestral hit, vocal chorus ahs, strings, sound design, percussion, bass drum, brass and piano. The gameshow music is easy to loop should you require a longer duration.

'American Jackpot Tension Bed 2'
Music by Jon Brooks.
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Jon Brooks specialises in music production for film, television and advertising. He also produces stock music for music libraries and records artists at his recording studio based in Stockport (South Manchester).