American Vintage Fall/Winter 18 Film

Published on 9 Aug 2018
American Vintage

American Vintage Fall/Winter 18 Film

Deep in the middle of the fields, we have lost all notion of time. Maybe it’s October or perhaps it’s already November. The only thing we know for sure is that there are two of us. Two of us in this huge house that’s very di cult to heat but also very comforting. It’s 4:32 a.m.
No longer time to sleep. The sun should be rising soon. I remember the crazy evening that spilled over into the night. Succumbing to dizzying spells of sweetness, I wait for this rising sun and its rays that will glide over my skin. That’s when I see her in a soft cotton sports bra and shorts, snuggled under a thick cardigan. She comes down the stairs barefoot. The cup of co ee is steaming. One sip and the day can begin.


Photographer : Julia Champeau (Adamsky)
Models : Csepi, Julita, Lois & Max
Movie director: Thomas Lachambre
Stylist : Alexandra Elbim (C’est La Vie Agency)
Makeup Artist : Satoko Watanabe (Artlist)
Hair Stylist : Olivier de Vriendt (Artlist)
Production : La Multinationale