Aria McManus, Downtown Girls Basketball: Full Interview (AUDIO ONLY) | Get Together

Published on Apr 17, 2019
People \u0026 Company

Aria McManus, Downtown Girls Basketball: Full Interview (AUDIO ONLY) | Get Together

In this episode we talk to Aria McManus, an artist and creative director who started Downtown Girls Basketball in 2013.

The team for women and people who don't identify as male "who are specifically bad at basketball,” started as a wild idea when 30 of Aria's artist and designer friends rolled out to play together. They had so much fun, Aria hosted another game the following week.

In the six years since, that core group has ballooned to a rotating crew of 400+ of women. Every week they come together to get exercise, revive their love for basketball, and, most importantly, goof off with other creative, playful women.

"Get Together" is a podcast about the nuts and bolts of community building. Hosts Bailey Richardson and Kevin Huynh of People & Company ( ask organizers who have built exceptional communities about just how they did it. How did they get the first people to show up? How did they grow to thousands more members?

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