Ask and You Shall Receive | {THE AND} Lloyd & James

Published on Feb 24, 2016
The Skin Deep
Ask and You Shall Receive | {THE AND} Lloyd & James

{THE AND} Blind Date | Lloyd & James, 2 strangers on their first date, skip the small talk and jump into self-image and insecurity in current gay culture. Experience the interactive project on

{THE AND} Blind Date is an opportunity for two strangers to take part in the intimate space we're fostering here at The Skin Deep. The project aims to create sincere connection and encourage thoughtful interactions within our community. This community includes our viewers, participants and even our own team. In {THE AND} Blind Date, our first priority is to stimulate thought-provoking conversation and if connection occurs - romantic or platonic - that's great! We believe you can learn from every exchange. Sharing ideas and starting sometimes difficult but necessary conversations can change the world.

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