OKONOMIYAKI (Kansai Style) / 関西風お好み焼き - Japanese food recipe [ASMR COOKING SOUND]

Published on Jan 13, 2019
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OKONOMIYAKI (Kansai Style) / 関西風お好み焼き - Japanese food recipe [ASMR COOKING SOUND]

Today, I'm going to make "Kansai style Okonomiyaki"

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style pizza made from egg, flour and dashi soup with lots of toppings.
I use dashi soup from kombu & bonito flakes( http://showtodaytv.com/play-clip-zaGmUxHra4oZ8 )

In Japanese, Okonomi means "you can put whatever you like on it".

We eat "Okonomiyaki" with sweet and savory sauce similar to worcestershire sauce.

We have two styles of "Okonomiyaki" such as Osaka style and Hiroshima style.
In Osaka style, we scramble eggs, flour and many different toppings and fry on the pan.
In Hiroshima style, each ingredient is piled up in order.

In my channel, I'm going to make Japanese cuisine by using Japanese Dashi.
I wanna express the Japanese aesthetic senses through my youtube video.

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# Ingredients
- Dough
- Flour : 80g
- Corn starch : 1/2 tsp
- Dashi soup from kombu & bonito flakes : 100ml
- Grated yam : 30g
- Cabbage : 250g
- Green onion : 30g
- Egg : 2 pieces
- Bits of deep-fried dough : 20g

- Topping
- Pork meat : 4 Slices
- Okonomiyaki sauce : as much as needed
- Mayonnaise : as much as needed
- Bonito flakes : as much as needed

# Dashi / Broth / Seasoning
Dashi soup from kombu & bonito flakes

# Vissel / Cookware / Utensil
1616 / arita japan Square Plate 270 x 230

1616 arita japan

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