Astronomy Daily *Live* 180516 | Skepticism vs Cynicism, Research, Real "Citizen Science", NGC 362

Streamed live on May 15, 2018

Astronomy Daily *Live* 180516 | Skepticism vs Cynicism, Research, Real "Citizen Science", NGC 362

Astronomy Daily *Live*

ADL is a casual yet high-quality, open-minded, skeptical, educational, and fun conversation about astronomy and related fields. Whether you're a newbie, amateur, advanced amateur, or professional, please join me at 02:00 UTC every day. Most conversations will be directed by the participants, but I'll usually have some topics in my back pocket to keep the conversation flowing. Open topics can include Q&A, observing, gear, telescopes, cameras and other instrumentation, data analysis and research, journal paper reviews, personalities, astro-art, projects and institutions, and pretty much anything else the participants suggest.

Consider this as a daily gathering of friends to hang out and discuss topics of mutual interest. Get away from the TV and the news for a while, and come talk live with people from all around the world who share a similar passion for astronomy!

Email cosmiclettuce AT gmail DOT com and I'll send you a link to become a panelist when the show goes live!

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