Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Karting 8 Hr Enduro Stint #5 - 7/6/19 (NO SOUND)

Published on Jul 14, 2019
Fortress of Solid Dudes

Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Karting 8 Hr Enduro Stint #5 - 7/6/19 (NO SOUND)

This was stint #5 from Fortress of Solid Dudes at the AMP 8-hour Summer enduro. As seems to be customary with GoPro cameras on occasion, Nick's GoPro didn't record sound. I seriously (seriously!) considered editing in the sound of the kart motors with my mouth just for effect, but I don't think I could keep that up for the more than 30 minutes worth of footage we have here, and as much as I like Nick, he can take a hike if he honestly expected me to do that. Anyway, Nick nabbed kart #6 for this outing, and like kart #9 from the previous stint, it was a good all-rounder but didn't have the top end to really help out on the straights. Some notes/highlights from this session:

2:38 SLIDEWAYS passes in kart #33, which was a very fast kart but gave up the ghost on AT LEAST 4 different occasions throughout the enduro while on track. We were surprised the AMP crew kept sending it back out. I mean, c'mon now - at what point do you write it off as a loss for the day??

9:40 We try to help kart #22 as much as we can through the kink, but that kart...well, that's a conversation for another day.

14:29 Forgot to put a transition here to blend clips. It's as if the driver in front has a laggy internet connection and just randomly appeared in front of us. Actually, maybe I should do all of our videos this way...

20:39 We meet again with our sister team, Music City League. We saw them earlier in this stint (kart #21 at 2:54) but this time around we'd get a chance to race without any lap traffic.

30:07 Matt from Driver's Ed approaches in kart #23. We manage to make it down the hill at turn 2 without him taking us out this time. Just kidding Matt!