Bermuda Tentacles 2014 In Hindi HD full movie

Published on Aug 22, 2018
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Bermuda Tentacles 2014 In Hindi HD full movie

The US Navy sends their best team to Bermuda Triangle to rescue the President, but they awaken a monster which becomes a danger to mankind.

Bermuda Tentacles is an American movie made by The Asylum

The President's plane goes down over the Bermuda Triangle. It submerges quickly.

Elements of the US Navy go to the last known position and start surveillance. Some huge tentacles rise out of the ocean and do a lot of damage. Trip Oliver leads a team on a submersible vehicle to find the president. The countdown threat is that the President is running out of oxygen.

On the surface, the admiral and the navy battle the tentacles. Underwater, the team in the submersible find an underwater chamber that contains many vehicles. Eventually, they find the President.

Does the team fight its way free with the President safe? Will the threat from the Triangle be dealt with?
Credit -
Directed by Nick Lyon
Starring: Linda Hamilton as Admiral Hansen
Trevor Donovan as Trip Oliver
John Savage as President Desteno