BEST OF BTS | BTS Best 25 Songs 방탄소년단 노래 모음 베스트 25곡 (may 2018)

Published on May 23, 2018
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BEST OF BTS | BTS Best 25 Songs 방탄소년단 노래 모음 베스트 25곡 (may 2018)

song list below 👇 Best 25 songs from BTS 방탄소년단 (may 2018)
Including all the top songs from popularity charts in melon, genie, naver and bugs (also the solo/subunit songs). For the new songs, I picked the ones that are doing best right now. Enjoy!

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I do not own any of this songs, all rights go to the owner | 나는 이 노래를 가지고 있지 않으며, 모든 권리는 소유자에게 주어진다.

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If you are curious, here are my sis and mine TOP 10 BTS fav songs :P
My sis:
1. Lie
2. War of hormone
3. Save me
4. Butterfly
5. Dope
6. Awake
7. I need u
8. Boyz with fun
9. Fire
10. No more dreams
1. Save me
2. War of hormone
3. Fire
4. Mic drop
5. Dope
6. Lie
7. I need u
8. Go go
9. Butterfly
10. Boys with fun
disclaimer: I'm sure you will notice Fake Love is not here, of course is not that we dont like it, but after a deep thought we just like this ones better.

0:00 I NEED U
7:23 Blood Sweat & Tears 피 땀 눈물
10:57 Go Go 고민보다 Go
14:49 134340
18:37 RUN
22:31 DNA
26:12 Not Today
30:02 MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
34:00 two three (still wishing there will be better days) (둘 셋 (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를))
38:24 Lost
42:22 Magic Shop
46:54 Butterfly
50:49 Lie
54:23 Dimple 보조개
57:36 FIRE 불타오르네
01:00:59 Boy In Luv 상남자
01:04:47 Best Of Me
01:08:29 Dope 쩔어
01:12:26 21st Century Girls 21세기 소녀
01:15:39 Anpanman
01:19:26 Pied Piper
01:23:25 Spring Day 봄날
01:27:55 The Truth Untold 전하지 못한 진심 feat. Steve Aoki
01:31:54 Save ME