Best Way to Share Videos On Facebook

Published on Apr 1, 2014
Chase Me Films
Best Way to Share Videos On Facebook

There are 1.23 Billion Facebook Users and 42% of Marketers say it is critically important to their business. So the big question is what is the best way to share my videos on Facebook??? Keep watching to learn the answer.

Hi, I'm Chase Turnbow, Founder of Chase Me Films where we help mid-sized companies create high quality video that generates more leads, moves people to action, and increases profit.

When you first start a YouTube channel you won't get many views from search results alone. Social media sites like Facebook are going to be great platforms to share your video especially if you've already established a following.

So there are several ways to share videos on YouTube. You Can upload a video into a post, you can paste a YouTube link, or you can share a blog post with a video embedded. The big question is "which way works the best to get the most engagement"?

I have learned that the best way to share a video on Facebook is to post the YouTube link AND upload the video thumbnail as a picture. This is because getting YouTube videos is our top priority and a picture catches peoples attention when they are exploring their newsfeed.

Now don't panic. I'm going to show you how to do this in 3 easy steps.

First, let me show you what this looks like. Here's an example of a YouTube link pasted into a post and here and example of pasting the link and uploading a photo. I received much more engagement on this.

So here's how to do it:

1. Copy and Paste a YouTube Video link into your post.
2. Screenshot and upload the video Thumbnail image
3. And Sell the benefit of watching the video

Happy Facebook sharing!

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