(BTTG 014) (Audio) Science just discover and manipulate things, but not create things

Published on Jun 14, 2018

(BTTG 014) (Audio) Science just discover and manipulate things, but not create things

"BTTG" is the acronym of "Back To True God".

This is the second series of "Lamp and Light".
These messages are for everybody who are seeking the True God.
Use short, plain and simple text to share the messages, "True God loves you unconditionally".

This series playlist is "Back To True God" (Reconnect to our source).

Hope you read these messages with "humble heart" and "open mind".
These messages can helping you find the "Way, Truth and Life".

If you find these messages are worthy to spreading.
Please share with the person who you cared.

If these messages had touched your mind, you can make decision to change your heart toward better life.
Let us all praise the grace and mercy of our God.


(BTTG 014) Science just discover and manipulate things, but not create things

Christianity is not against science, just because the difference of creation and evolution, so people think Christianity is un-science.
Both creation and evolution are theory, it is past long history event, both really don't have good physical proof, it all up to us what to believe.

Can human create a simple banana from machine? Of course not, but human can produce lots of by products from bananas.
Can science create a chicken from a computer? Of course not, but technology can increase its grown rate of chicken.
Can economy create an apple from robot? Of course not, but our desire can modify its gene to become different type of apple.

Science just tries to figure out what is the operation of every God's creation, but:
Science can't figure out why dead can be come alive?
Science can't figure out why cannot find love in our heart?
Science can't figure out why heart cannot control by brain?
Science can't figure out why one man can perform like 100 men?
Science can't figure out why same food taste different at different time?
Science can't figure out why rugged old cross can reveal the power of God?
Science can't figure out what the matters of human origin, identity, purpose and destiny?
Science can't figure out why so many people can believe God without scientific evidence?
Science can't figure out why past committed suicide person can become a big influence person of the world?
Science can't figure out why light reflection rainbow can become the encouragement symbol for many people?

One Genius scientist pulls one machine and come to see God and said: "I had invented a machine; it can create human being just like you".
God said: "show me!"
Scientist open the machine door and get a bag of dirt from ground, then put dirt inside of machine, and try to operate the control panel.
God said: "wait a minute! You have to create your own dirt first".
The meaning of this story is human can discover and manipulate God's creation, but can't create something from nothing.

Science can help us discover lots of things but not everything; science can help us manipulate and produce lots of things but can't create things from dead to life.
Science use the already existed raw material or elements to develop technology, science just "discover, not create", because science didn't provide the basic ingredients, it is all come from this earth.
We just know the law of nature and try to understand how it works, but we don't know why and how the law of nature happened at the beginning.

Science can bring more convenience and comfort to our physical life.
Technology get so advanced, human can build tall skyscrapers, long bridges, move mountains, cover sea, space exploration, build all kind of machinery to enrich our life.
Science can find a way to manipulate raw material or elements to produce something useful for mankind, but science also can produce virus and weapon to destroy human life.

God is the force behind all we can know and all we can discover.
God put spirit into human body, without God's breath, human can't come alive.
Three dimensional creatures really can't figure out the higher dimensional God's creation.

Matters can't explain design, force and plan, so we try to use science to find the evidences.
Science can't use physical experiments to detect human conscience.
We need science to improve our physical life and need Christianity to improve our spiritual life, both tracks are parallel, both are very important.

Science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized life.
The problems of our world now is people don't want to educate themselves to become good human, but instead use science and engineering change human and nature structure to become false gods.
Scientist without good heart will develop guided nuclear weapon missiles and bring self-destruction into this world.
So all science discovery and technology should put human well-being business as their first goal.

Know the Truth, human being have physical limitation and boundary, don't need feel pride for all the earthly achievements.
Be humble! Just compare the size of earth with universe; we will know we can't compare science with True God.


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