Can YOU Stuka-Dive a Tank!? - Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha

Published on Jul 2, 2018

Can YOU Stuka-Dive a Tank!? - Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha

The Stuka is a Nazi Dive-bomber, with an intimidating Jericho Siren inducing fear over people below. Let's explore in this BF5 video, flying the German Stuka in BFV. "Stay tuned to the end of this Battlefield 5 video for a BONUS challenge, can you intercept a V1 Rocket"

Maybe you can hear the Jericho Siren if you listen closely (sorry about the volume, now I wish I turned it up a bit)

NOTE: This is CLOSED ALPHA gameplay which means it's incomplete and likely to be tweaked

This is the Conquest game mode on the map, Narvik

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This is gameplay from the PC:
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