CSIR NET LIFE SCIENCE में कम नंबर क्यों आते हैं

Published on Jan 10, 2018
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CSIR NET LIFE SCIENCE में कम नंबर क्यों आते हैं

CSIR NET life sciences is the one of the prestigious exam after MSc in life sciences, botany, zoology,biochemistry, microbiology. Every time, when I meet people after the CSIR NET life science exam, they ask they have read many things but somehow there are some deficiencies.
The basic fault is their mentoring and the training they acquire for the CSIR NET life sciences, Where they are tuned, that there are certain important topics and bother are less important topic.

In my view, this is totally misguidance. An exam is having a syllabus means the questions have to be set equally from each unit then why these mentors prepare only 4 and 5 units and take the risk of career of students, May be they don't have capability to teach of all these units Or they don't get time to cover the syllabus in the given period of time.
we Aadhar Institute actually have a set schedule to cover the syllabus of all 13 units in the given time period and have capability to produce big results every year to cover of the syllabus we have we are taking the help of our application iGuruji in the form of recorded video so that we ask student when are you going to complete your syllabus( why the in orther Institutes students ask teacher “when you are going to cover our syllabus”)
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