Dawn Wells & Bob Denver on the Pat Sajak Talk Show - Dec. 1, 1989

Published on Oct 18, 2014
Dawn Wells & Bob Denver on the Pat Sajak Talk Show - Dec. 1, 1989

A little tribute video clip in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Gilligan's Island.

Bob Denver and Dawn Wells visit Pat Sajak on his television late night talk show back in the late 80's... around the time of Gilligan's Islands 25th anniversary... exact date that I taped the show - Friday, December 1, 1989.

For those asking about the date, sorry for not providing the exact date when I added this clip to Television Vanguard. I always try to do so, but for some reason, forgot on this clip. I checked through my notes, and found the notation of the date. Back then, I VHS taped everything, setting timers to tape while I was away at work or asleep for these late night shows; I made notes in a couple of small notebooks of the VHS tape number (I have about 100+/6-8 hours each), location on the tape of each show, and the date each was taped. At the time I was under the impression VHS tapes would lose their magnetically recorded content in about 20-25 years. Ah hah! Guess we proved them all wrong! I had no idea at the time I'd someday transfer the contents of those VHS tapes to something called 'the Internet' and 'YouTube.' But, here we are.

Enjoy! Dawn has a brand new autobiography in book stores and online this fall - "Dawn Wells - What would Mary Ann do?" Available at Amazon and b&n and your local Barnes and Noble book store. Don't miss it - a great read!

This video clip is for you Dawn - happy birthday!!

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