Embrace The Darkness 2 Pornographic Horror film (18+) 2002

Published on May 27, 2019

Embrace The Darkness 2 Pornographic Horror film (18+) 2002

Embrace The Darkness 2 ii is the movie you'll like if you want horror movie with tonnes of sex scenes done by hot & sexy nympho vampire chicks who want to suck blood of their victim only after a steamy hardcore sex. But this is movie unfortunately limited to only softcore scenes, but actresses Renee Rea & Catalina Larranaga weren't shy to show their always wet pussies, with both being bare nude pretty much all the time.

Embrace the darkness 2 review :-
The second in the Embrace the Darkness a pornographic / horror trilogy sees Jennifer now played by soft core stalwart Renee Rea, but unfortunately the story is very similar to the first film with a similar vampire couple - good guy but nasty girl. We do however get a proper vampire hunter called Van Helsing so that is a difference.

Jennifer (Renee Rea) is slowly coming to terms with her life as one of the undead. She moves into an apartment close to a night club which is owned by Jack (Tristan Coeur D'Alene) and Lizzie (Catalina Larranaga). Jack and Lizzie recognise Jennifer as being new to the vampire existence and so take her under their wing to teach her the ways of the vampire and to hone her power and skills. As in the first film, there is an old flame, Peter (Sean Vossler) who is looking for Jennifer but when his attempts to contact her fail, he teams up with vampire hunter Van Helsing (John Maryland). Meanwhile, Jack has taken a shine to Jennifer, much to the chagrin of Lizzie, who plots her revenge.

It is a pity that the writers could not have used a bit more imagination when scripting this story - it is too much like the original. On that score it is marked down but there is more sex and nudity so for that it is marked up. The acting is on a par for this type of film and the women look good with a commendation for Diana Espen for her scenes. 5 stars.

Embrace The Darkness 2 (2002) Cast:-
Renee Rea
Catalina Larranaga
Tristen Coeur D'Alene
Jezebelle Bond
John Maryland
Sean Vossler
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