Endorphin's First Fight! Stupid Robot Fighting League

Published on Jun 13, 2018
Stupid Robot Fighting League

Endorphin's First Fight! Stupid Robot Fighting League

Stupid Robot Fighting League - Endorphin's First Fight

Welcome to another destructive dance from Stupid Robot Fighting League.

Today's fight places a new Stupid Robot built for Giggle Entertainment (http://gogiggle.nz/index.php/about-g...) against the gate keeper of Stupid Robot Fighting League, El Minion. El Minion is the first ever Stupid Robot make from garbage and has had so many fights I'm starting to lose count.

On the left, Super Max will be operating El Minion and on the right a rookie fighter, The Mower Man will be cutting his teeth with the rookie Stupid Robot, Endorphin.

This will be the last fight for a while from the Te Puke Community Markets as these have shut down for the cold season. Fear not because we will still be fighting. In fact I have 12 fights to edit down.

You will notice that I've started doing intro's and outro's on either end of the video. This is because from what I've learned from YouTube there is a want for personality and talking head stuff. Due to the quick drop off in views at the start I leave most of the talking to the end.

Thanks so much for watching!
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Stupid Robot Fighting League is a funny new sport from Te Puke, New Zealand.

In it's simplest form, two robots with no robotics are controlled by poles attached to their hands, feet and head.

They beat up the other robot. It's lots of fun. If one robot's head is removed it's counted as a knockout.

We hope to make you laugh. We hope to have fun.


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