| Fearing the Unknown (2018) | A Short Horror Film |

Published on May 18, 2018
Aditya Sahu

| Fearing the Unknown (2018) | A Short Horror Film |

Fearing the Unknown

In this short horror film, a group of 3 friends are locked up in a haunted hotel.

Directed by Aditya Sahu

Lights Down. Volume up.

Ghost - Aditya Sahu
Bhaiya - Aditya Sahu
Arpit - Shubh Sahu
Vaasu - Mahir Sahu
Yash - Utsav Sahu
Receptionist - Sparsh Sahu

Special Effects - Aditya Sahu
VFX - Aditya Sahu
Cinematography - Aditya Sahu
Cameraman -Aditya Sahu
Story - Aditya Sahu and TEAM
Makeup Artist - Anya Sahu

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