FoEhints: Space Age Mars coming soon in Forge of Empires

Published on Feb 14, 2019

FoEhints: Space Age Mars coming soon in Forge of Empires

Space Age Mars coming soon in Forge of Empires

The 18th age in Forge of Empires will be named „Space Age Mars“. Forge of Empires will move to space. This video summarizes the information and conclusions that we already have today.

Based on the very few details that we already know, we can assume this:

With the first technology of the new era the town hall changes as usual. Instead of a new building we only see a placeholder, the stone age town hall with flames. This has nothing to do with the appearance if the final building. We just need a little more patience until we will have more concrete information on this.

Either immediately with entering the new Era or after the research of a related technology, you will then receive a space center in your city, placed outside of the area that you can use via expansions. The concrete location on the map is just an assumption. The space center already is part of the graphic files if Forge of Empires.

In your city you will the be able to produce 5 new goods, based on research and deposits on the province map. The goods production buildings all have placeholders only. But the new goods already have the new images.

With the space shuttle you will then be able to visit the outpost on Mars. This colony will also have a city hall. This is my assumption based on the fact that this new era will be the first having 2 city halls. The image still is a maharaja palace decorated with some flames and will not look like the final building on Mars.

Some first picture showing the Mars landscape are already available.

Most likely we then will be able to produce another good on Mars, possibly comparable to the Promethium of the Arctic Future or the Orichalcum of the Oceanic Future, to be used for the research of new technologies: „Mars Ore“

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