Gang Beasts Meets Japanese Game Show! - Headsnatchers with Chris and Taylor

Published on Jun 14, 2018
JaR Dev

Gang Beasts Meets Japanese Game Show! - Headsnatchers with Chris and Taylor

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Today I'm taking a look at a new party game called Headsnatchers with Chris and Taylor!
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"Headsnatchers is a wildly fun multiplayer party game. Choose your head from a huge selection and try to keep it on your shoulders while trying to remove everyone else’s. Once you have snatched your opponent’s head, light up the scoreboard with it. Only with quick reflexes can you reclaim your own head and avoid humiliation and shame. Play online or offline across 4 different game modes in over 25 unique environments, each with different rules and attributes. The pandemonium will push your friendships to the limit."

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