General Knowledge Quiz

Published on 14 Jun 2019

General Knowledge Quiz

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Question 1: Which word describes cropland left idle during the growing season?
Answer a: Hollow
Answer b: Shallow
Answer c: Corn
Answer d: Fallow

Question 2: Which Egyptian canal links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?
Answer a: Suez
Answer b: Panama
Answer c: Nile
Answer d: Thames

Question 3: What is the name of the tiny bird that sips flower nectar?
Answer a: Hummingbird
Answer b: Parakeet
Answer c: Magpie
Answer d: Sparrow

Question 4: Which of these Ford cars were not produced in the 1950s?
Answer a: Country Sedan
Answer b: Thunderbird
Answer c: Ranch Wagon
Answer d: Fiesta

Question 5: In which field of the arts was Dylan Thomas famous?
Answer a: Poetry
Answer b: Ballet
Answer c: Sculpture
Answer d: Landscape Painting

Question 6: What form of transport stopped running in London in 1952?
Answer a: Ferries
Answer b: Buses
Answer c: Trams
Answer d: Trains

Question 7: A devastating 1906 earthquake hit which Californian city?
Answer a: San Francisco
Answer b: Sacramento
Answer c: Houston
Answer d: Pasadena

Question 8: What is a quarter of 92, plus 3?
Answer a: 23
Answer b: 27
Answer c: 26
Answer d: 28

Question 9: How many months in three decades?
Answer a: 480
Answer b: 360
Answer c: 340
Answer d: 400

Question 10: The greater than symbol is like which shape with one side missing?
Answer a: Hexagon
Answer b: Square
Answer c: Octagon
Answer d: Triangle