Grand Theft Auto 3 Walktrough #29 - Bomb Da Base Act II

Published on Feb 14, 2019
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Naufal Alif Falah

Grand Theft Auto 3 Walktrough #29 - Bomb Da Base Act II

GTA 3 Full Gameplay Walktrough Played on PC

mod used :
complete starter save
G input mod
Widescreen Fix Pack :
Money Pop Up :

8-Ball, knowing about the meeting after a phone call from Salvatore Leone, tells Claude that he needs $100,000 for the explosives and tells Claude to return when he has the money. After obtaining the necessary money, Claude returns to 8-Ball's and the two head to Portland Harbor, with 8-Ball giving Claude a sniper rifle, since his hands are still in a condition bad enough to handle a weapon. After arriving at Portland Harbor, Claude gets a good vantage point (likely the staircase on the warehouse) and begins to kill the Colombian Cartel gang members guarding the Les Cargo container ship, with 8-Ball planting the explosives. He detonates the explosives, getting off the ship's bridge just before it sinks. Mission Overview by :