Premiered May 16, 2019


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0:00:00 Happy Salmon 02 - Hakan Eriksson
0:01:48 Happy Salmon 03 - Hakan Eriksson
0:03:36 Rich And Fabulous 6 - Hakan Eriksson
0:05:21 Smiling Sun 5 - Hakan Eriksson
0:07:04 Smiling Sun 3 - Hakan Eriksson
0:08:43 Cafe Italiano 01 - Hakan Eriksson
0:10:33 March Of The Ducks 20 - Hakan Eriksson
0:12:26 Balloon Ska - Gunnar Johnsen
0:14:35 Tell the Story Twice - Josef Bel Habib
0:16:31 Pots And Pancakes 1 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:18:31 Walking The Cat 2 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:21:15 Walking The Cat 3 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:23:24 Walking The Cat 4 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:25:33 Ristorante Italiano 01 (Swing Version) - Hakan Eriksson
0:27:39 Ristorante Italiano 04 (Scandinavian Version) - Hakan Eriksson
0:29:27 Sunshine Stroll 02 (60s Pop Version) - Hakan Eriksson
0:31:16 Leotard Groove 1 - Hakan Eriksson
0:33:17 Whack Attack 3 - Hakan Eriksson
0:34:43 Bringing the Groove - Arthur Benson
0:36:54 Birthday Party - Gunnar Johnsen
0:39:01 Sour Grapes 1 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:40:43 Up To Something 5 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:42:33 Silly Moods 4 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:44:42 The Artificial Farmer - Rolla Coasta
0:46:46 Time To Strut 1 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:48:30 Time To Strut 2 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:50:39 On The Prowl 3 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:52:31 Tour 505 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:54:14 Duck Confit 4 - Gunnar Johnsen
0:56:20 Thrilling Chase - Bonnie Grace
0:58:42 Enforcement - Dream Cave
1:00:55 Raw Power - Hector Posser
1:02:53 Penal Code 187 - Hector Posser
1:05:04 Thrill of the Chase - Dream Cave
1:07:03 Uprising 4 - Rannar Sillard
1:09:10 Epic Voyage - Dream Cave
1:11:19 Mr Hugh's Escape - Jean Leonti
1:13:30 Titan Rebel 3 - Rannar Sillard
1:15:35 Frightening Notion - Jean Leonti

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