How to Control a Ball in the Air | Basics

Published on 19 May 2018

How to Control a Ball in the Air | Basics

How to Control a Ball in the Air for Beginners!


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Controlling a long pass out of the air, and bringing it down to the ground,
is one of the most difficult skills for beginning footballers. Today we'll
talk about controlling balls out of the air.

--- Don't Let It Bounce ---

When a ball bounces it becomes more difficult to control [show two examples
without defender, ball gets away], and often provides opponents a chance to
fight for possession [show third example with opponents winning the ball].
Getting there before it bounces allows you to control and protect the ball
before defenders arrive [show example of no bounce, turning away with ball
from defender].
If you get there just after the bounce, keep the ball down with your foot,
[pause] chest, [pause], or head [pause].

--- Move to the Ball ---

Most long passes will not come right to you, so you must move to the best
position for controlling the ball.
If a pass is coming to your right or left, move to the side to control the
ball. [pause]
If a pass is too high, move backward, [pause], allowing you to control the
ball with your chest, thigh, or foot.
If a pass is too short, get to the ball as fast as possible, allowing you to
control it before it bounces.

--- Make a Soft Landing ---

Once you get to the ball, use your body to create a soft landing for the
incoming pass [show pillow-like soft thigh landing].
Slow the ball down by quickly pulling away your foot, thigh, or chest as the
pass arrives. [Diagram, video clips]
Creating a soft landing helps keep the ball close to you, [Pause] bring it
down to the ground [Pause], and continue the attack [Video].