Jazz Hip Hop ''Good Vibes Jazzhop'' Mix by Groove Companion # 2

Published on Apr 10, 2017

Jazz Hip Hop ''Good Vibes Jazzhop'' Mix by Groove Companion # 2

Jazzy Hip Hop, or the so-called Jazzhop genre is our main theme this week. Wine n' Dine in the best atmosphere with great piano rolls, jazzy saxes, and boom bap beats. The best Jazzy samples put on display by some of the greatest producers out there! Please enjoy your stay at the Groove Companion channel and don't forget to support and SUBSCRIBE!

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Genre: Jazz hop
Vibe: Chill Study Beats, Dining Music, Background Music

1 Natural Green - Blazo
2 Monday Chill #5 - L'Indécis
3 Tonic - Pstgrd
4 Jazz Potato - Mr. Scruff
5 Que Sera - Wax Tailor
6 Tyner - The Deli
7 Jazzy - Emapea
8 Lately - Bugseed
9 Quintal - FloFilz
10 Thinking of You - Bugseed
11 Rooftop Serenade - Anitek
12 Dark Water Jazz - Mr. Moods Remix - Jenova 7
13 This Time - Gyvus
14 May - Birocratic
15 The Jazzy View - DJ Ezasscul - DJ Ezasscul
16 Pizza Pizza - Bugseed
17 Through the Jazz - Blazo
18 Perfect Your Own Art - Stan Forebee
19 The Bishop - Joey Pecoraro
20 Life's Perspective - Stan Forebee
21 Piano & Sax - Joakim Karud
22 Rainy Streets - Blue In Green
23 Autumn Rain - Freddie Joachim
24 Rainy Indygo - Blazo
25 Rekindling - L'Indécis
26 Late Night Stroll - Bonus Points
27 Reaction - Side Effekt
28 Crawfish & Chips - QSTN
29 Wiseman - Bugseed
30 Rebirth of Cool - DJ Cam Quartet
31 It Was Only A Song - Jazz Liberatorz
32 Jay Dee 22 - Instrumental - J Dilla
33 Blue Avenue - Jazz Liberatorz
34 Can I Get a Witness - Eric Lau
35 Pete's Jazz - Pete Rock
36 A Tribute to Troy - J. Rawls
37 Lovely - Noel Zancanella
38 U Can Get It - Proleter
39 Shoulder Kiss - Freddie Joachim
40 Laka - Emapea
41 From a Seaside Town - Aim
42 Memories - Proleter
43 Distant Graphite - Blazo
44 Autumn to Winter - Phoniks
45 The Piano - Jazztronik
46 La Coppa del Jazz - FloFilz
47 Love Mode - Joakim Karud
48 Blue Skies - Blue Lab Beats
49 Leidenschaft - Jazz Dialogue
50 Nutzlast - FloFilz
51 Misty Sapphire - Blazo
52 Your Eyes - Joey Pecoraro
53 Slow Down - Funky DL
54 Taxi Bossa - FloFilz
55 Dead In The Trunk - Mono:Massive
56 Twosome - FloFilz
57 Come Back - Tom Misch
58 Jooly - FloFilz

Who is Groove Companion: This channel is made by one guy (me!) with a passion for hip hop music/beats. I want to catch a certain vibe and make a well-adjusted mix that suits that vibe. Study music, dining music, lo-fi music, boom bap instrumentals, emotional hip hop, summer music, background music etc. All tracks are handpicked and put in a certain place in the mix to create thought out transitions for a 3 hour period! All this content is made in my free time for free for you. All support and feedback is welcome to improve the channel. Just remember, if you're got friends over to eat, or laying in the first sunrays of the year your Groove Companion is here to bring you that Jazz Hop piano rolls or that early 90's hip hop vibe to enhance your experience.

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