Jennifer Aniston Just Took A Major Shot At Marvel Movies

Published on Oct 11, 2019
Jennifer Aniston Just Took A Major Shot At Marvel Movies

Mighty Marvel may be dominating pop culture, but not everyone is feeling the love. In a recent conversation with Variety, Jennifer Aniston star of the beloved sitcom Friends and the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Morning Show lamented what she saw as a dearth of cinematic choices due to the popularity of comic book movies.

It was a rather hard segue in an interview which had, up until that point, been focused on The Morning Show and how it had been shaped, in part, by the "Me Too" movement. Aniston was asked a simple question about what prompted her return to television fifteen years after shooting her last episode of Friends, and in her response, she veered quickly from marveling about all of the awesome choices available to viewers since the advent of streaming to… well, not marveling about Marvel. She said,

"And then you're seeing what's available out there, and it's just diminishing and diminishing in terms of, it's big Marvel movies. Or things that I'm not just asked to do […] [I'm not] really that interested in living in [front of] a green screen."

Well, we suppose it's kind of a bummer when you're an actress who is well-known for starring on one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television, and you then find that your agent is always trying to talk you into taking roles in these silly comic book pictures, where you'll be forced to report to work and pretend to talk to a gun-toting CGI raccoon all day.

The interviewer responded to this unprompted diss by noting how much Hollywood has changed in recent years, to which Aniston replied,

"It's changed so much. I think we would so love to have the era of Meg Ryan come back. I just think it would be nice to go into a movie theater, sit cozy. I think we should have a resurgence. Let's get the Terms of Endearment back out there. You know, Heaven Can Wait, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Goodbye Girl."

It seems to have become somewhat fashionable to trash the Marvel machine as of late, however so, while it might seem a little out of left field for Aniston to cite Marvel movies as the reason why she's choosing to continue working in television, she's certainly not alone. Keep watching the video to see that Jennifer Aniston just took a major shot at Marvel movies!

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