K-Pop Comebacks That Were Cancelled

Published on Aug 16, 2019
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K-Pop Comebacks That Were Cancelled

2 weeks ago I did a video on KPop Debuts That Were Cancelled and now here we are for the other part to this video series (that COULD continue...) that will discuss the Comebacks That Were Cancelled. Hope you all found this video interesting and maybe learn something from it! We'll see how things go, and I might find myself doing more videos in this series!

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KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos, Groups (MV) (Alphabetically) Discussed:
2NE1 - Their several comebacks... but most notably 2016...
2PM in 2012
ASTRO - Fantagio CEO
Block B - Jackpot
CLC - La Vie En Rose (IZ*ONE)
DGNA / The Boss - Shadow - Open World Entertainment
Girls' Generation / SNSD - Catch Me If You Can
Girls' Generation - Dancing Queen
Jackson of GOT7 - Faded
Tahiti - 2017
TVXQ / DBSK - Maximum (As 5 members) - JYJ Lawsuit

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