Kabbalah: The Secret of the Tree of Knowledge - Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow - Josef Kryss Center

Published on Feb 21, 2012
Kabbalah: The Secret of the Tree of Knowledge - Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow - Josef Kryss Center

Introducing the Kabbalah and Hassidut of 'The Sefirotic Tree'.
with Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre, Melbourne, Australia

This is Part 1 of the Sefirotic Tree Kabbalah Series

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The Tree of knowledge is more than a metaphoric passage of the Chumash. It introduces a cosmic change in the nature of human consciousness.
Our dual nature, dual body parts e.g. two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two hands, two feet etc. are spiritually mirrored by our inner duality of ego and other. All our thoughts, words and behaviour are either self-centred (self protection, survival, emotional gratification ) or other centred (empathy, compassion, sharing). These derive from our soul flows of Nefesh Behamit (self-centredness) and Nefesh Elokit (other-centredness). Likewise it plays out in our lifelong work of distinguishing right from wrong.
This spiritual duality was occasioned through the eating of the 'forbidden fruit' -- from the Tree of Knowledge. Prior to that the human being was in a state of true innocence. Even nakedness provided no cue for shame or embarrassment. Once the fruit was eaten, the sense of temptation entered into human existential condition. Since then the work of self-mastery has become a life-long process. Was ist Kabbala? - Kabbalah Education & Research Institut, Die mystische Seite im Judentum: Kabbala / Kabalah.., Kabbalah – Freimaurer-Wik, Kabbala Symbole und Bedeutung von Kabbala » Kabbala Lerne, Kabbalah, Numerologie und Zahlenmysti, Kabbala, Bnei Baruch - Kabbalah - Kabbalah Education .., Christliche Kabbala – Wikipedi, Kabbalah - Wikipedi, The Kabbalah Centr,