Korean Movie 18+ Hot for Teacher

Published on Apr 21, 2019
Amy Webster
Korean Movie 18+ Hot for Teacher

It was 5:00am. I was in the kitchen, making coffee as the shower ran upstairs. When silence replaced the flow of water, I went back upstairs.

Gloria Searles was getting dressed in the bedroom, in the same beige dress she'd been wearing the night before a the bar, and the off-white high heel sandals that shaped her magnificent legs to perfection.

"There you are." she said as I handed her a cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup. She drank from it and said "Mmmm, that's really good." Then she lifted her face and I bent over to kiss her mouth deeply. Mmmm, was right. The taste of her kiss was the best I'd ever experienced.

"Stay a while?" I offered.

"Wish I could." Gloria replied, wrapping her arm around me and pulling me to her for another deep kiss as I wrapped my arms around her waist. "But I've got to get back up to Town."

I was trying to remember what happened. I'd been at the bar when she'd come in and made a beeline for the seat next to me. I'd bought her drink and we'd chatted. Gloria was a Professor of Psychology at the University and was on Staff at University Hospital, which was in the northwest corner of the State. Her husband was a cardiologist on Staff at the same hospital. She came home with me and... and...

And then I realized I could not remember the sex. Damn... the hottest woman I'd been with in possibly forever, and I couldn't remember it? Was I that drunk?

"Hey, you were great." Gloria said. "I'd love to see you again, and let you fuck my brains out like you did last night. You've got my number; if you're up in my Town, give me a call."

"What about your husband?" I asked between warm, delicious kisses, still trying to remember the sex, and failing.

"Him?" Gloria asked, her voice nearly a snarl. "I told you last night, we're separated. So don't worry about it."

"I'll have to make an excuse to go up there, just to see you." I said.