Master Your Genes to Shape Your Life (a Pioneer in Science Shares His Wisdom)

Published on Jun 14, 2018

Master Your Genes to Shape Your Life (a Pioneer in Science Shares His Wisdom)

Special guest Bruce Lipton, PhD shares how to go from victim of your genes to master over them so you can shape the life you want. You can overcome social anxiety and keep going once you understand how this works.

Learn how to control your response to your environment and break the programming learned from early childhood.

Here are some things you’ll learn:
-how to go from victim to master over your life
-the power of the placebo effect
-how our lives are programs, but we can do something about it
-3 ways to reprogram your overcome your programs
-how to quickly eliminate your problems (including social anxiety)

Learn how to master your life and rewrite the program handed to you.

You can overcome your social anxiety and any other problem if you understand how it all works. That is the journey we will take you on. There are many relatable stories to help paint the picture.

Even if you are just starting your journey, know that this powerful information that you can use to shape your life however you want it to be.

For more free videos and step-by-step instructions on how to beat social anxiety disorder ( social phobia ) once and for all using the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) visit my homepage: (read everything and eventually sign up for my free newsletter if you're ready to finally beat your SAD -I'll send you some of the best stuff I've created in the last 4 years for signing up- )

Do you have a:

Fear of rejection
Fear of looking foolish
Fear of criticism
Fear of disapproval
Fear of conflict
Fear of not being liked
Fear of embarrassment
Fear of being ridiculed

And do you feel unsafe socially? Read the article above and learn why you experience anxiety and how to beat anxiety once and for all. Or check out any of the many video and actually DO THE TAPPING, because from watching you'll only get minimal benefit. The power lies in actually doing the weird tapping!

Kind regards,
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