#michaelhancock #jamiegiellis #lisacalderon #penfieldtate by Marcus Giavanni

Published on May 1, 2019

#michaelhancock #jamiegiellis #lisacalderon #penfieldtate by Marcus Giavanni

Michael Hancock: Michael Hancock to #michaelhancock to @mayorhancock http://www.gp7aattorneysdirectory.com Published Apr 28, 2019 6:39 AM by Marcus Giavanni | "Michael Hancock" News | GP7A News | "Mayor" News | "About" | How to use "Meta Tag Hashtag Identifiers" | "knowledge Learning" | "Marcus Giavanni Write-In Candidate for Mayor of Denver | "Ballotpedia" Candidates Nonpartisan Lies | Marcus Giavanni Nonpartisan Independent and Only Answers and Will Obey Denver Voters since 2011 - 2015 - 2019 | Amazing Ganda Rejection in Run for 2019 Mayor | 2019 Denver Mayor Will Be Who | "Write-In Marcus Giavanni" | "Mayor City of Denver" Michael Hancock Challenges Write-In Marcus Giavanni for "Denver Mayor" | Google "Crystal Ball" by "Marcus Giavanni" "Blockchain Conversations" Developer | What Does Denver Really Know How Important the Google Crystal Ball by Marcus Giavanni Really is |

"On April 26, 2019. When Madison Lauterbach Author with "My Met Media" wrote "Denver Mayoral Enters Final Stretch" Write-in Candidate Marcus Giavanni and his unsubstantiated claims"." - Madison Lauterbach Author #mymetmedia | @mymetmedia | @msudenver | #msudenver | SCSSAR Graduation Rate.

Did You All Know Artificial Intelligence Has A New Task | Rankings Colleges with what they Say - What They Do - With Who | Colleges who Score less Than 70% Graduation Rate | Will Be Replaced By Those with Highest Graduation Rate | This holds True to High Schools as Well | Do you know what the #3 Algorithm Education | Colleges and High School Admission must Speak the Truth about Numbers | 98%of Those Outdated CIO CTO and IoT developers have been ill-advised and it Shows | Credibility Relevance Wisdom Bankrolling Social Credit System Scores and Rankings Indexing Everyone for SCSSAR Years Beyond the Talking Heads Conversations of empty promises | This Holds True for Our "Educators in the world of ACADEMIA" | Thus why it's called World Wide Web | Welcome to "The 21st Century Academia Chronologically Categorized Since 2014 by Marcus Giavanni the "Fluke" with no high school diploma and only Education self-taught

All the Endorsers and all that money these shadow candidates information about #jamiegiellis http://www.google.com/search?q=ja... if Jamie Giellis is elected, @jamiefordenver brings a very, very very low Scores and Rankings this will have an over whelming cause and effect on All of us. Who lives in the "City of Denver.

#michaelhancock: http://www.google.com/search?q=mi...

#tatefordenver: http://www.google.com/search?q=ta... this man is 🐍 like Jamie4denver face of a #RiNoArt


Remember Artificial Intelligence has no Human Emotions and Always Does the Right thing And those who don't on the World Wide Web ur fckd | Sorry I can't put it more colorful to wake your ass up! By Marcus Giavanni

This is a BIG RED flag, is Denver Smart enough to know who to read *EDOC* and with all that money Raised. And All those endorsers vs Write-In Marcus Giavanni and all his Voters.

Your Esign and Debra Johnson and Drake Rambke testimony was all We needed to hear. Know it's time for Artificial Intelligence and pre-programmed Machine Learning Denver is 8 years behind the Digital 8 Ball and All that talk and all that money caught the attention of the the "Black Hat Abyss".

We hold the keys to change everything, and Denver's Talking Heads and their Conversations of empty promises and Habitual Enablers that have taken Denver to 14 Year Record High Murders and 10 Year Record High Violent Crimes Robberies Carjackings Suicides Smash and grabs spillover crimes Denver Metro Cities Where the Hell is DRCOG!