Miffy visits Europe • Explore the world with Miffy

Published on May 20, 2016

Miffy visits Europe • Explore the world with Miffy

Miffy, Melanie, and Grunty ride a train with Miffy’s parents to visit an old castle in Europe. They hear that in each country people speak their own languages. In the castle, they find a draw bridge, a wishing well, colourful flags, and a huge room where everything seems to be made of gold. Miffy declares herself a king, Melanie is the queen, and Grunty is left to be a child princess -- an idea Grunty isn’t happy about. When Grunty can’t keep up with her bigger and older friends, she discovers a standing suit of armour and declares herself a Knight in Shining Armour! Everyone cheers for the Knight before running to catch their train home.


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