Minecraft Digital Illustration for Microsoft

Published on Nov 13, 2018
Vector Maestros
Minecraft Digital Illustration for Microsoft

This Minecraft inspired artwork is for the badges of an upcoming MIcrosoft event next month. The idea is to have a fun branded illustration with a character and style that everyone will recognize.

I looked up images online to get a sense of colors, shapes and characters. I do not play minecraft, but I do appreciate the artwork and boxy style.

The process for this illustration was pretty straight forward:
I was given a list of ideas to include in the artwork.

I thought about it for a couple of weeks, that is my average time to think of a few layouts and compositions that will make the artwork interesting.

Did the sketch in one day with Sketchable and sent in the sketch for approval.

The art was approved the same night, so I stayed up and worked on the vector file with Adobe Illustrator while the image and my process was still fresh!

Finally, I made myself a screensaver for my phone. Look for the updated behance post to see the process images.

Art by @DeltaTangoMike


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