Mission 3 Smash & Grab Walkthrough | Wings of Liberty SC II Campaign | Brutal 2019

Published on Aug 15, 2019
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Mission 3 Smash & Grab Walkthrough | Wings of Liberty SC II Campaign | Brutal 2019

Smash and Grab is one of two missions that you get after finishing Zero Hour. Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay move to secure another Xel'Naga artifact. However, it's guarded by the Protoss faction called Tal'Darim, and to make matters worse, the Zerg are after it as well. It's a race against time to see who can secure the artifact first.

You have access to the Marauder in this mission, which differs slightly from its multiplayer counterpart: they have 100 HP rather than 125 (until the Kinetic Foam upgrade is purchased at the Armory), and they can't Stimpack.

Primary Objectives
Seize the Xel'Naga Artifact.
Destroy the 3 Stone Zealots.

Note that its almost impossible to get all the protoss artifacts and finish the mission on time in brutal so I didnt aim for the bonuses. My guide is supposed to help new players who don't have a lot of APM and micro skills.

If you are failing a lot in this mission, ensure that you dont lose too many units to the high templar on the other side of the bridge. only take a few marauders to provoke him and then kill him.

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