Mobile House for future | New portable Home technology | folded house technology | Dahir insaat

Published on May 18, 2018
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Mobile House for future | New portable Home technology | folded house technology | Dahir insaat

If you want to go on a trip, it does not mean that you will have to leave your favorite home! There is a solution that will allow you to move around the continent and spend the night under your native roof!

Mobile home-transformers - a new way to combine frequent travel and familiar everyday life. In assembled form, such a house looks like an ordinary cargo trailer, which can travel hundreds of kilometers.

Let's see how it turns into a real house!
With the help of hydraulic devices, the trailer is transformed into a large and reliable cottage in less than an hour.

You get a full house, not engaged in troublesome construction!
The house-transformer is designed for tens of years of operation.

It is reliably protected from bad weather and perfectly preserves heat.

Therefore, to live in it is as comfortable as in an ordinary cottage!
In the mobile home enough space even a large family! It can be equipped with separate zones for work and rest.

Exterior and interior of the house are designed taking into account the wishes of the buyer.
To ensure a familiar life in the house-transformer, it is possible to connect to stationary communications and there is an autonomous mode.
And the house-transformer can be an excellent solution for trading companies, healthcare institutions, the armed forces and rescue services.
As you can see, mobile home-transformer - it's reliable housing, home comfort and freedom of movement at the same time!
Learn more about Dahir Insaat mobile home-transformers

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